The DeepSeeing Series (2016 - Present): aims to stimulate prolonged cognitive activity in an observer by presenting images that ambiguously reference somewhat familiar visual stimuli. In this sense, these drawings serve as lures intended to stimulate in the observer lingering curiosity to enable sustained visual processing. It is the aim that prolonged engagement with the drawing will embed the image into the observer's memory. In this sense, the viewer becomes cognitively entangled with the image and perhaps by extension, with the artist as well.

(Reference: Biederman & Vessel, 2006)

Heading 1

Top Left: Untitled, 30 X 22 inches, 2016, graphite on paper

Top center: Deepseeing: View, 30 X 22 inches, 2016, graphite on paper

Top Right: Deepseeing II, 30 X 22 inches, 2017, graphite on paper

Bottom Left: Deepseeing III, 22 X 30 inches, 2017, graphite on paper.

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