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The DeepSeeing Series (2016 - Present): The DeepSeeing drawing series considers the relationship of making, viewing, and perceiving an artwork and aims to enact cognitive entanglement among the artist, the work, and the viewer. To do this, the DeepSeeing drawings ambiguously reference visual information commonly available to the public (televised images including corrupted data, error messages on printers and computers, junk mail, and other visual representations of data). The aim is to evoke a sense of familiarity and curiosity in a viewer to encourage close observation. While the viewer takes time to decipher the images in each drawing perhaps the drawing will become embedded in the viewer’s memory (deep seeing). Through this process the viewer may become cognitively entangled with the artwork and perhaps by extension, with the artist as well.

(Reference: Biederman & Vessel, 2006)


Heading 1


All Drawings: 30 X 22 inches, graphite on paper.
Top Row, left to right:
Anatomy of a Thought, 2024; 
Deepseeing, View, 2016; 
Deepseeing VIi, 2019;
Deepseeing IIIi, 2018;
Bottom Row, left to right:
Deepseeing IV, 2018 (Kentler Flat Files),
Deepseeing V, 2018
(Kentler Flat Files (

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