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“Each major discovery brings new ideas and causes us to adjust our thinking.”

"We know what we know in the present state of our knowledge…until we are better informed”


  - Dr. Jean Clottes

What does it mean to be human?


In the scope of this question, my creative inquiry is centered on interests in metacognition (thinking about thinking). My creative research bridges art and science, primarily through drawing, to consider the functional role and mechanisms of the brain/mind/consciousness in constructing one’s self and perception of everyday reality, and the connections and relationships among the act of drawing, thinking, and being human.


My research process includes reading, writing, and drawing and at times, collaboration.


Drawing practice serves as a portal for conjecture, to better understand complex concepts, to test propositions, and to engage the viewer. 


Paper, charchoal and graphite are carbon-based materials, as is all known naturally occuring life on earth. As I see it, this fundamental relationship between artist and materials narrows the gap between making and being.




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