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Work Effort Subset Series

This series is ongoing.

I dusted the wheels of my office chair with graphite powder to make tangible the efforts of labour.
In "Copy 2",  I use an office Copy stamp to create multiple impressions thus creating a unique drawing.

Intractable Series

The drawing process involved in ‘Dissipation and Flow” is as much a part of the concept as the overarching idea. It is produced through sustained gesture and holds within it sustained thought. The drawing alludes to the form of a scroll and endless processing as one might imagine the mind at work: processing, recalibrating, storing information into memory.

The Diagram For All Solutions

The Diagram For All Solutions: Models for Thinking
This series presents over 75 drawings that convey diagrams of thinking processes. Each drawing is ink and graphite on engineering computational paper, presented in vinyl sleeves, or framed, 12 X 9 inches. Dimensions variable. Guides are provided for viewers.
Project description:
"The Diagram For All Solutions" is a thought experiment in which I am pondering the extent to which how we see is predetermined by concepts that are established, that what is behind our eyes precedes and frames what and how we see. It has been argued that freewill enters the human story inside the space of the synaptic gap.
The drawings reference the gap or gray area of the synaptic gap where information is vulnerable and modified.

The symbology of the drawings reference networks of thinking and not-thinking, nodes of small conclusions and knowledge pockets (inventions that presume no information is discarded.) The paths and concentration of the networks and nodes change on a case-to-case basis depending upon the thought process. The white parallelograms (erased areas) are information processing planes where conscious thinking occurs. Each drawing relates to a specific story or real-life situation which is reflected in each drawing’s title.


Image below: Explaining a Rock to a Rock, 12 X 9 in, engineering computational graph paper, ink, graphite, 2003.


Time Line

Time Line is composed of more than 2,000 graphite refills of various densities. In this work, the varying densities of the graphite represent shifts in value, as in a graphite drawing (dark to light, etc.). A pencil lead scrapes across the surface of paper. Graphite material erodes from the pencil and deposits on the paper producing an artifact of thought: an accumulation of marks, a drawing, a calculation or something written.

"Time Line" is intended to evoke in viewers consideration of the process of drawing.  If one accepts that there is work potential dormant within the physical structure of a static graphite pencil lead then one might further consider how many hours of drawing or writing or calculating these graphite refills could produce when acted upon by the force of thought.

This 3-dimensional drawing aims to postulate thought as the medium or force that converts the potential energy of pencil lead into kinetic energy and into a drawing as an artifact of thought.

This and That

“This and That” examines how the distractions with which we surround ourselves provide a barrier between external and internal realities. The graphical patterning of “This and That” seems to echo the appearance and purpose of shoaling fish. Shoaling is a swarming behavior that serves like camouflage to protect the individual fish by confusing predators.

Perhaps our many distractions protect us from ourselves. 


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